UD Inc
Ustler Development, Inc.

CRAIG USTLER, President/Owner

Developer, project manager and chief administrator for Ustler Group commercial real estate and business developments.

UD Inc
Ustler Properties, Inc.

TOM USTLER, President/Owner

Commercial real estate brokerage responsible for various Ustler Group projects and select third-party clients.

Velocity Red

BROOKE MYERS, President/Owner

Commercial real estate development, investment and consulting company, partnering on various Ustler Group projects.


UD Inc
Black Elk Group


Commercial real estate development, investment and consulting company, collaborating on various Ustler Group and VelocityRED projects.



Since 2001, Craig Ustler has been a principal and founding partner in the development, ownership and operation of several local restaurants in Downtown Orlando.

Soco Patio

Soco Restaurant
Thornton Park

Original concept developed, owned and operated by Thornton Park Restaurant Group, LLC with Executive Chef/Partner Greg Richie. Soco is located in the Thornton Park District of Downtown Orlando and is a 4500 SF restaurant with 150 seats that opened in September 2014.

Reyes Mezcaleria
North Quarter

Original concept developed by operating partners Jason and Sue Chin of Osprey Tavern and Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park. The restaurant is in the former Citrus Restaurant space. Reyes features Regionally Inspired Mexican Cuisine and Fine Spirits. The space is 5900 SF with approximately 150 seats and opened in May 2017.

The Monroe
Creative Village

Original concept developed by operating partners Jason and Sue Chin. Located on the ground floor of The Julian Apartments at Creative Village in Downtown Orlando, The Monroe is a diverse social gathering place with a main dining room, bar, lounge/study, semi-private dining area, expansive front porch and backyard patio. Opened in May 2021.



UD Inc
Urban Think Foundation

Urban Think Bookstore was a 3000 SF local and independent bookstore in Thornton Park developed in 2001 by principals Craig Ustler, Picton and Carla Warlow, Taylor Dudley and various investors. It was redeveloped in 2010 as “Urban Rethink”, which was a co-working environment and community space for the creative class. Urban ReThink closed in October 2013. A surviving legacy is the Urban Think Foundation which has developed successful educational, creative and literary programs, including Page 15 and Burrow Press.